The North Face 100 Training Resources 2015

I made a post on the Unofficial North Face 100 Training page late last year, here are all of the links that I could find. This document will get updated as often as needed. Any link with (R) next to the name also does remote training programs via the internet.

Training Groups & Coaches

Official training camp with Brendan Davies (R)

Crows Nest Sydney has Northside Running Group

Another Sydney Club is the Sydney Striders

Mile 27 online training with Andy DuBois (R)

Brisbane has Wild Runners (R)

Hunter Valley Trail Runners

Northern Beaches Trail Runners

Blue Mountains Fitness

In the Orange NSW area contact Brett Sammut

Noosa Ultra & Trail Runners (NUTRS)

Southern Sydney Running Club

Energy Fitness Gymea

Sydney Northern Suburbs or Online DBA Runners– with Matty Abel (R)

 Manly Beach Running Club– hosted by Joe Ward (R)

South Australia has Hayley Teale and RunFit

Queensland has Surf Coast Trail Runners

In Victoria we have Bendigo University Athletics Club

NSW Hawkesbury Fitness

Victoria Ascot Vale Personal Training