Running is often thought of as a solitary sport, but I’ve found the truth is quite different. Everyone I’ve met, and in particular Ultra runners, are happy to share what they learn on their journeys, and I recommend you read some of their stuff-

Have a read of Nick Wienholts Enduro Explorer website

And Ian Gallagher, who I sometimes see at training as he breezes past

Also Andy Bowen, who I met for the first time at TNF100 and is a great bloke

And particularly the team at Paceline Coaching, I would never have kept up my running if it hadn’t been for Susan Griffiths and her crew

I  run most often with Northside Running Group (NRG) who all inspire me to do better, or to at least write about it

I love the people at CoolRunning, and the amazing photo on the front page was taken by Mark Watson of Incite Images










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