Training Run Recommendations

I’m learning as I go here, but as some of these runs are in remote areas I’d like you to have a look at these recommendations. Really we are just a bunch of friends going for a run together, I don’t take any responsibility for things that happen. These items might ensure that things don’t happen to you!

Print your own maps
Look over the maps before you run to see the tricky bits
Bring enough water + a bit extra
Bring enough food + a bit extra
Include some basic first aid stuff like compeeds, snake bandage and aspirin
Take your phone. Stick it in a ziplock sandwich bag if you need to keep it waterproof
Don’t leave anyone alone. This only really applies to the 2 people at the back, but I really don’t want anyone left by themselves. Anyone in between groups is probably ok

Optional- Put my number in your phone 04111 7 9999 or have an emergency plan, like you mate, spouse etc.


Also I now keep a bag of stuff in the car for when I finish. Thanks to other runners I now have a lot of things that make my trip home much more comfortable, and a bit less smelly
Spare shirt
Sports drink
Couple of pieces of fruit
Protein powder
Baby wipes
2 plastic bags. One for wet clothes, one for shoes