List of North Face Training runs 2013

Alternative title- Facebook what have you done to my page?

Training page is here-

I agree it’s not easy to find things on that page, so here’s a list of runs you might be looking for-

Run 1- The HahnMich Manouvre, 17km Saturday 16 March

Run 2- All around the Mulberry Bush, 42km Saturday 23 March

Run 3- Bush Bingo, 38km Saturday 30 March

Run 4- EasyBeasts, 25km Saturday 6 April

Run 5- Canberra Marathon, 42.195km Sunday 14 April

Run 6- Fatass Hellgate Gorge, 46km Saturday 20 April

Run 7- Double Coastal Classic, 60km Thursday 25 April (ANZAC Day)

Run 8- Mr D’s Rock around the Block, 30km Saturday 4 May

I’ll add links to download the maps to the Facebook events individually