Mount Solitary Ultra 2012 Preparedness

Hi all, to those doing Mt Solitary this weekend I’ve made a few short notes about what to take.

Note- if anything said here disagrees with the official website, the website wins……

All entrants were emailed this yesterday advising that you will need to have all of the mandatory gear available at the race. Depending on conditions you may have to carry it during the race, so don’t forget!
Here’s a few things that may make your day more pleasant
– spare shoes and socks for the end. There is at least 2 creek crossings, one of them about 3-4km from the start
– spare (warm!) clothes for the end
– deodorant (if you’re car sharing this may prevent you being left at the side of the road at Blaxland)
– sun cream (yes this is another race that could require both sun cream and fleece all in one day!)
– old credit card to remove leeches
– money to spend at the food stand after the run, alternatively-
– food for after the run
– a drink for after the run
– money so you can stop at Macca’s at Blaxland
– salt tabs or a source of salt/ electrolytes
– plenty of gels/ food to take with you
Remember that we’ll be out there for a fair while, maybe take a camera because you’ll be passing some unbelievable views. The top of Mt Solitary is a pretty magical place.
Leech protection
There’s likely to be a few of these but don’t be concerned, be prepared!
If it’s cold wear long skins and tuck them over the tops of your socks to keep the creatures out. Otherwise I use a roll on bug killer- I apply from just under the sock line to just over the sock line and sometimes on other exposed skin areas like back of knees etc. Since doing this I haven’t had a single leech problem, but that could be luck. Also if you stop, don’t go off the trail or sit down anywhere that you haven’t thoroughly inspected. Keep moving or stand in the middle of the trail.
Leech removal
Take an old credit card or use a long fingernail to lever them off. They’re very hard to kill, but I’m usually upset enough to try.
Last thought- I’ve had some emails from people freaking out because I took 8:37 to finish last year.
1. Every one of those people is a stronger/ faster runner than me
2. last year I was training above my ability and was sore and grumpy before the race even started
3. I’m sure each of you can beat that time with no trouble, just like I expect to