You Might be a Runner if- Part 2

Thanks to some fabulous suggestions from others, we’re having a second bite at this one

You might be a runner if

1. You know what model of Garmin a friend uses by the shape of the white patch on their arm
2. You have a white, Garmin shaped patch on your arm
3. You tell your pedicurist ” just paint that skin to make it LOOK like a toe-nail”
4. You only wear toenail polish to cover up the fact that you have permanent blood blisters under your nails or just no toenails
5. You organise your holidays around a run you want to do
6. You know what your physio did on the weekend. Any weekend.
7. You spend more money on running shoes & running accessories than fashion
8. Your wear socks to your physio so he wont see the blisters when you’re meant to be RICE-ing
9. When you’re out injured you can’t tell if you’re stressed about not running or running clears your normal stresses
10. You only go to the doctor when whatever is up interferes with your running
11. Your friends no longer invite you out on Friday nights
12. You go to a friends house for dinner, eat everything in their kitchen and fall asleep at the table
13. After repeated weekends of chatting with people for 3+ hours you know how much their genitals chafe but not their names


Thanks to (in no particular order) Kate McElligott, Naomi Eastment, Ben Rollins, Adam Darwin, Alison Thomas, Ngaire Anna, Sara Jaques, Rocco Smit and Leigh Reynolds