North Face 100 Nutrition Plan & Drop Bags V2

Well it’s only 20 days to go so I’m trying to figure out what to eat on the day. This will all go out the window as soon as the gun goes off, but it pays to be prepared……. Basically I’m writing this because in the later parts of the race I won’t be able to think for myself, but if I know what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing I’ll be ok.

After talking with a friend today, I realised it isn’t very clear where all this stuff is coming from-
Checkpoints will provide-
Endura sports drink (pre mixed)
Water to fill bladders
Gels are available at some checkpoints, but you can’t depend on them, and if you do, you might have to take grape flavour, which is quite vile tasting. Other items I will have to carry.

Start to Checkpoint 1
1x Banana
2x Gel
At CP1- Drink 500ml Endura at checkpoint, take another 500ml with me when leaving.
Chia seeds
Do not fill bladder

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 22x Gel
1x packet Gu chomps
1x Salt tablet

At CP2- Drink 500ml Endura at checkpoint, take 500ml with me plus 1x Growling Dog bar. Take a piece of fruit, maybe a bun
Fill up bladder

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3
3x Gel
1x packet Gu chomps

At CP3- Macaroni and cheese 2-300g. Chia seeds, 500ml Endura, take 500ml with me when leaving plus  1-2 boiled eggs and a banana
Check bladder, don’t fill up too much

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4
2x Gels
1x Banana
1x Gu chomps
1x Salt tablet
Important- must eat Gu part way up Nellie’s Glen!

At CP4- 500ml Endura, fill bottle to take with me
check bladder, fill up to 1.5l!
Take a cup noodle with me

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5
Important- eat 1-2 gels going up Kedumba!
4x Gels
1x Gu chomps
1x Growling Dog bar
1x Salt tablet

At CP5- check to make sure you don’t have too much water. Drink 500ml Endura, take a 500ml bottle with me. Eat a piece of fruit if you can. Piss off and finish the race.


This means I’ll need to carry from the start of the race to checkpoint 3-
8x Gel (1 spare)
3x Gu Chomps (1 spare)
small flask with chia seeds
1x banana

And I’ll need to pack the following
Checkpoint 3 bag
3x Gels (1 spare)
Macaroni Cheese
Chia seeds
2x boiled eggs (peeled, in a sandwich bag)
Gu Chomps

Checkpoint 4 bag
4x Gels
Gu Chomps
Growling Dog bar
Proper headlights (will be carrying low weight versions during the day)
Clothing for night time
Leave sunglasses in bag here

extra mandatory gear if required

Checkpoint 5 bag
Lemonade/ Coke
Gu Chomps