Coastal Classic 2011- Otford to Bundeena

Well, I think that one was harder than Willy to Billy- and it was 4km shorter! This is seriously off road trail running, and I believe a bunch of you have done it in training for 6ft. You truly are a tough bunch. Well the contrasts were exceptional- amazing picture postcard views offset by gnarly roots, head hunting tree limbs, sharp drops, black foot sucking mud, brutal climbs and grass that rips your skin. I felt like I’d been out for a big night with Max Mosley ( after that!
Have a look at the video done by runner Nick Wienholt and his wife Linda
(Nick saw a snake out on the trail a couple of weeks before the race too)

As far as I know there were only 4 NRG’ers at this race

Martin Pengilly (16th overall and 2:38)
Richard Bettles (29th overall in 2:50)
Nick Lledo 3:33
Adam Connor 3:39

And David Brown, who took a novel approach and ran with the sweep. At least he would have had a little extra time to absorb those gorgeous views.

Well I’m tantalisingly close to finishing in the top 50% of the field. In days gone by Nick and I have been very evenly matched, but lately he has gained some speed- or I’ve lost some. Great work Nick, it’s going to be fun trying to catch you in the future.

In a strange twist of fate, we got to spend some time with Margareta (Gretel) Fortmann. She mentioned that she wasn’t running as she had just done a hundred miler, but was going to do some interviews for the next issue of Trail Runner Mag. I didn’t ask her how she went as I thought it would be a bit rude if she’d had a bad experience. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried- it wasn’t just any hundred miler, it was the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc). And she finished 10th female, the first time an Australian female has ever placed top 10…….

Now about that name. Coastal Classic is nice, but it evokes thoughts of seagulls and waves. It goes from Otford to Bundeena, known as Bundy to the locals- how about  we add 100km to it and call it The Bundy Death Race?

All the photos in this article were stolen from a Trail Runner Mag post. Please visit and support this new venture. You can download the first issue for free and it’s a great read (click on ‘E-Zine’ in the header)