Willy to Billy (Mt Wilson to Bilpin or W2B)

Extremely grateful to Randy who gave a lift there and back to myself, Adam Darwin and Paul Blamire. We managed to solve all of the worlds problems during our time in the car. What a fantastic turn out- heaps of NRG’ers and a wonderful atmosphere. The scones were pretty good however I saw a few people ‘recycling’ theirs early on in the race. Trying to keep a good even pace during the first 13km was impossible, with a few challenging hills, then a great mix of downhill, tarmac, and some of the prettiest bush scenes for the next 13km or so. Everyone had been warning me about the ‘big hill’ that goes from 26km to 32km, but really it wasn’t that bad (either that or I got my second wind). Then a bit of roadside running to the finish. My result of 3:42 was about where I’d expect to be, but I didn’t have any plans except to try to beat 4 hours as it was my first time. I think I may have to give up my fantasy of a sub 14 hour North Face though- that result isn’t really in the ballpark. Never mind, that was a fantastic day out, made even better because I was able to have a shower, steak sandwich and lots of beer afterwards. Congratulations to Sam who once again pulled out a stunning performance to finish in 2nd place, I simply can’t mention all those who turned up for lack of space, but thanks to Randy, Tanya, Rosie and Rodney and others who all came to support us! As I get to know everyone a little better I’m beginning to think you all aren’t so crazy, but there is that running thing you do……..

Here’s the results-