Six Foot Track 2013 Gear List

This is mostly a list to myself so I don’t forget anything. The weather forecast is for 13-23 degrees so I won’t need any extra clothing, but I will be a bit cold at the start…….

What I’m wearing on the day
Salomon Sense Mantra shoes- alternate Salomon Speedcross
Injinji toe socks- vaseline on toes
InnoV8 Gaiters- tropical strength anti leech stuff on calves
Linebreak compression shorts
Patagonia Ultra shorts
Bodyglide on naughty bits
double pocket SPI-Belt
NRG singlet
3M paper medical tape on nipples
Leather weightlifting gloves
Garmin heart rate strap
Garmin 910xt
Serfas Portal sunglasses

What I’m going to carry
2 flasks of home made sports gel
1 Growling Dog Berry bar, cut up
1 85% cacao chocolate bar
9 Salt Stick salt capsules in small zip lock
zip lock bag containing Compeeds and Ventolin inhaler and cash for the end
Sports drink to consume just before the race
Expired credit card to remove leeches

What I’m going to put in my Drop Bag for after the race
Spare shirt
Sports drink
2 plastic bags. One for wet clothes, one for shoes

The weightlifting gloves are to protect my hands if I fall. A simple fall could take you out of the race if you damage your hands, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll take them because 1. there are no hand holds going down nellie’s Glen and 2. there isn’t a huge amount of single track, which are the most likely spots to fall. I’ll eat the chocolate bar and the Growling Dog bar on the way to the river in the hope they will give me a lift up Mini Mini and Pluvi. I won’t be carrying any water as there are 17 aid stations, max 5km between them. In case you think I’m planning to overdose on salt, I always carry a lot more than I need to pay back those who helped me through my cramping in Six Foot Track 2011.

I think that’s it, does anyone have anything else to add?